Season 2 : What's the deal?

What comes next?

Your Questions Answered

Are you still going to investigate Tara’s case?

Yes. I’ve spent over a year now diving into the Tara Grinstead case. But in the coming months I will be wrapping up my initial investigation on Tara and will conclude the podcast season after Episode 18. But that does not mean I am done. I will be investigating her case until justice is served.

What about the documentary?

I have been slowly putting together an AWESOME documentary series on Tara’s case for the past few months. So in fact, my investigation on this case will be revamped in a brand new way later this year. I can’t announce official details on this yet, but I will be updating you periodically throughout the rest of the season. It will all make sense, I promise!

Why are you trying to raise money for Season 2 right now?

I have had a ton of requests from other families and listeners to investigate other unsolved cases once this season is over, and that’s what I plan to do. In order to do this, we need certain resources in place. These things take a really long time. Months of reaching out to people and gaining trust. In order to research and produce a second podcast season in the next year, we need to start really soon. That’s why we’re asking for your help now.

Why do you need to raise money on Kickstarter if you have Ads in your podcast?

Great question. We are very thankful for our sponsors on the podcast. They’ve allowed to continue our investigation and expand our resources to create better and longer episodes on a consistent basis. All the money from our sponsors, currently go straight back into the production of the episodes you hear each week. In order to start working on a new case soon, we need a little more help. In exchange for your support we’re offering a ton really cool prizes on our Kickstarter.

What case are you doing and will Maurice Godwin be involved in Season 2?

Maurice will most definitely be involved in the next season. Together, we are currently looking at several different cases, many that Maurice has worked on over the years. We plan on selecting a new case in the next few months, and will update you soon!