The Disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner.

In the US, Native American women are more than twice as likely to experience violence than any other demographic of people. American Indians and Alaskan Native women are murdered at a rate of 10 times the national average. They make up only 2% of the country’s population. Ashley Loring-Heavyrunner went missing from the Blackfeet Reservation on June 13th, 2017, her sister has conducted countless searches in order to find her. There are thousands of cases involving murdered and missing indigenous women and people that remain unsolved and cold, she is only one of the never ending victims of violence against Native Americans. Only 1 out of 4 cases appear in the media.

About the Podcast

Tenderfoot TV’s Hit True Crime Podcast “Up and Vanished” Heads to Montana To Investigate the Disappearance of a Young Indigenous Woman for Season 3.

This season of “Up and Vanished,” Payne Lindsey heads to North West Montana to look into the case of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner who went missing from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017. The 20-year old known for her contagious smile and athleticism was last seen in June, when family began to worry after not hearing from her. Just two weeks into her disappearance, friends discovered potential evidence on the edge of the reservation near the town of Babb, a pair of red-stained boots and a tattered sweater.

With more than 2,300 missing indigenous women in the U.S. – Loring HeavyRunner‘s story is among the few logged in the National Missing Persons database, according to the Urban Indian Health Institute which many are calling an Indigenous Missing Person data crisis. 

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